The Architectural Drawing Book

The Architectural Drawing Book

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The Architectural Drawing Book
A Survey of Drawing From Prehistory to Present

Editor: Duncan McCorquodale

28 x 23cm | 9 x 11in
367 colour and b/w ills | 304 pages


The Architectural Drawing Book: A Survey of Drawing from Prehistory to the Present comprises an overview of drawing and architecture related imagery, as well as key texts in the field throughout history, and touches on subjects such as developments in technology and their impacting on both the methods and manifestations of drawing. The book considers various forms of architectural representations and projections such as plans, sections, perspectives and exploded axonometrics. It also explores the impact of the computer on drawing and current debates, taking place between practicioners of analogic and electronically assisted methods of drawing.

The extensive breadth of figures touched upon include vitruvius, Alberti, Da Vinci, Serlio and Piranesi, through to Choisy, john Soane, El Lissitzky, Wright, Le Corbusier, Eisenman, Constant, James Gowan and Ted Cullinan, to name but a few. 'The Architectural Drawing Book' also takes into account sources of drawing that are not directly a part of architectural discourse but that can be seen as related or indebted to it, such as the fields of engineering, fashion and art. In the latter context, The Architectural Drawing Book looks at the work of Mary Miss, Gordon Matta Clark, Dan Graham, Rachel Whiteread and Paul Noble, amongst many others.